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White and Yellow Corn/Maize GRADE 1


  • Moisture max 14%
  • Broken grains max 5%
  • Damaged grains max 5%
  • Foreign matters max 2%
  • Moisture 14.0% max.
  • Total Damaged Kernels 3.0% max.
  • Protein 9.0% min.
  • Admixture 2.5% max.
  • Aflatoxin Total 20.0% max.
  • Hectoliters 72 Kc max.
  • Humidity 14.5% max.
  • Weight of Bushel/lbs 54 min.
  • Radiation None
  • Other Grains 1.5% max.
  • Other Natural Colour 5.0% max.
  • Type Varity 5.0% max.
  • Origin UK

Technical specification for dried maize grains

  • Maize should be of latest crop and free from live and dead insects.
  • Humidity should be12% maximum .
  • Broken grains and strange materials should be 3% maximum .
  • Damaged grains should be 3% maximum .
  • Damaged grains caused by heat should be 0.2% maximum .
  • Maize should not have a Mycotoxins (Aflatoxins) B1 of rate more than 10 p.p.b
  • Maize used for animal and birds feeding should be free from oddity odors and molds and free from chemicals toxins and pesticides.
  • The cleaning level minimum 94%(Intact grains)
  • Maize should not be genetically modified .
  • Maize should be free from any radiation.
  • Percentage crude protein should not be less than 10% .
  • Expiry date should be one year from delivery date and mention the production date on the goods .
  • Maize should be free from any soils and any kinds of seeds except maize.
  • State Company of Animals Resource is responsible of specifications checking and fixing.

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 200 Metric Ton
Port Durban Port
Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time 21 days

We bring forth freshly harvested Yellow Corns, procured from trusted cultivators who produce the Corns using organic methods. We conduct a number of quality tests on these Corns. We, next, pack these quality-assured Corns in food-grade packages, thereby ensuring to endow the product with longer shelf life. We, further, deliver these wholesome Corns to the length and breadth of the country and abroad. All these stages are sorted and place us with the most chosen Exporters and Suppliers of Yellow Corns in UK.

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