Frozen Chicken Paws
December 21, 2020
Frozen Fishes
December 21, 2020

Frozen Chicken Wings


  • Quality – Grade A
  • Origin – UK & Brazil
  • Average Weight – 35-55 grams/unit(Wings)
  • Average Length – 12cm-16cm
  • Shelf Life – 24 months

General Appearance Requirements

  • Clean
  • No Yellow Skin
  • No Feathers
  • No Bad Smell
  • No Blood
  • No Black Pad
  • No Bruise
  • No Chemical Burns
  • Broken Bones Less than 3%
  • Moisture Less than 3%
  • Chicken feet pad retained and without damage

We have invested a large amount for developing automated warehousing system that is sprawling over a large area. The entire system in managed and maintained by our deft professionals. We make sure that there will be no damage to the products that we deliver to the customers. For this, we use high quality packaging material and hi-tech machines ensuring the same.

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