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December 21, 2020
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December 21, 2020

Fresh Golden Delicious Apples

Specifications :

  • Kinds – golden delicious apples Apple
  • Size – 88100/113/125/138/150
  • Apple packing – 18kg/ctn,20kg/ctns
  • Origin – UK

Products Information

  • Golden apple The skin of bagged fruit is yellow– green and the surface of fruit is very clean . It tastes sweet , crunchy, juicy.

Specification (size) :

  • all size has different grade as per your require
  • when packing all size as per natural proportion

Diameter size unit weight

  • 8.5cm 64/72/80 0.27kg per apple
  • 8.0cm 80/88/100 0.25kg per apple
  • 7.5cm 100/113/125 0.2kg per apple
  • 7.0cm 125/138/150 0.16kg per apple
  • 6.5cm 150/163/175/198 0.12kg per apple

Details of packing

  • Inner packing – each individual apple with net sock ( pink or white color)each
  • carton with an inner fresh bag or sleeve and well separated by the paper tray
  • Outer packing – strong export standard carton box and the carton design or
  • packing weight can share your idea

Packing quantity : model of container net weight quantity

  • 1X40 FT RH 20KG/CTN 1186CTN
  • 1X40 FT RH 18KG/CTN 1290CTN
  • 1X40 FT RH 15KG/CTN 1661CTN
  • 1X40 FT RH 10KG/CTN 2212CTN
  • 1X40 FT RH 9KG/CTN 2338CTN

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